Recommendations for a Slow Cooker / Pressure Cooker thing?


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Hey folks!

The Minister of War & Finance has requested a slow cooker / pressure cooker type thing for xmas. She likes doing curries, stews, etc in them and her old one broke (was a $20ish cheapie that we got a pretty good run out of).

Feature-wise, she doesn't know what she needs/wants, and I don't know what to look for. All she knows is that she wants something with a timer and the ability to keep food warm once the timer has finished.

Looking at a budget of up to about $150ish, but can extend that if required.

Any recommendations? I did see a Russell Hobbs one at The Good Guys that also has a Sous Vide function, which certainly seems interesting...

Cheers in advance!

Les PK Ranger

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Slow cooker and pressure cooker are definitely 2 different things.
Slow cooker is self explanatory, pressure cookers are fast, like really quick.

I googled and found the Russell Hobbs one, looks great !
That is a slow cooker, and to be honest it looks like a good deal too at $129.

Another thing my brother has is a thermo cooker.
Not electric, but you start a stew or such on a stove, once simmered for a few minutes, you take it off and put it into the thermo case.
They keep cooking like that for 7 or 8 hours, and the contents are still too hot to really eat straight up !
Really good for prepping before leaving for work, come home, maybe top off on the stove for 5 mins, and leave for a bit more until dinner time.

He'd also make nice dinner meal in it the morning before going for a weekend camping, and meal ready for tea that night.

The one he's got is a sort of hard plastic outer, found this one on ebay stainless, bit classier . . .

A lot of people would probably like the electric thing, but the thermo concept is pretty good, I've seen it used and it works.


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Slow cooker and pressure cooker are definitely 2 different things.
Not really correct Les

While they are 2 different cooking processes the pressure cookers these days are arent what they used to be & can have many different functions.

Even looking at the R/Hobbs express chef you will see it has 7 pressurised settings & 4 non pressurised settings so it can be used for both.
The Breville Fast Slow Cooker is another one with similar features, a lot of them have the option

Appliances have change so much recently, now with the invent of things like the thermo mix or the tefal companion you can now chop the veg it them, add some oil & sweat the veg, add the mince then tomato & cook your bolognaise all in the 1 appliance.

Anyway @Warby I dont have one myself but have meaning to add one to my home kitchen, with the black friday sales coming this week its definately a good time to think about one.

I used to like R/Hobbs & had some of their gear & it was sturdy & quality but it seems like they have gone to the cheap side of appliances now & they look & feel flimsy & light to what they were.

Personally if I was to get one, & I actually might this week, I would be looking at brands like Brellive, Phillips, Tefal

Philips Viva Collection All in One Multi Cooker/Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker with Anti-Scratch ProCeramic+ Pot, 6L, 1000W, Silver, HD2237/72: Kitchen & Dining:

Tefal Fast & Delicious All-in-One MultiCooker, Silver, CY505: Speciality Appliances:

Breville The Fast Slow Cooker BPR650BSS: Small Kitchen Appliances:

At least with these brands they are more reputable & will come with longer warranties.

At the end of the day its a personal preference thing, if you want something with less buttons/features then go for that style.

You can still get the old school version as well with no buttons/electrics, those things last almost forever & obviously with less stuff to break down & easy to use but who doesnt love lots of features & buttons these days :p

Good luck :)


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We've got a Philips multi cooker, i wasnt sold at first just thought another thing taking up cupboard space in the kitchen as we already had a rice cooker, slow cooker and a couple or cast iron crock pots...

But its actually been really good, when short on time can pressure cook, cook rice, slow cook heap of different setting and way better then our slow cooker we had, still not as good as the old cast iron crock pot but can set and forget and stll get good results from it.


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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions so far guys!

@Triton14 that Tefal multicooker you've linked looks like it could be the winner I reckon

John U

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I've been around stove top pressure cookers all my life. The issue with them now is finding a actual stove top which maintains a low enough eat to maintain the pressure without burning the bottom of the contents. In the current cooktop market ability to maintain a low heat is an even lower priority. Electric cooktops used to be good for this. Not sure any more. This is an issue for stews and curries. Not a problem for making stocks and soups (which the stove top pressure cookers are brilliant for. Crank it up and the finished product can be ready in 15-20 minutes).

Not that I'm familiar with them but you'd think those self contained units would have the 'low heat while maintaining pressure' problem sorted.


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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions so far guys!

@Triton14 that Tefal multicooker you've linked looks like it could be the winner I reckon
Personally I like the idea of the Phillips with the saute/sear ability.

So many times with slow & pressure cooking you end up using another pan or even 2 for searing meat & vveg before you even start loading it into the cooker, so I like that I can do that in the one appliance, anything that saves me washing me like :) :)

How well that function works, well thats the question only trying it will answer?