Recommendations for a quality100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery


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Is the battery below 7v good chance it won't you could just need a new battery if you have to charge up before it recognizes it. Or is it incompatible I.e lithium v agm. Or could be a faulty charger. Try another battery.

This is a brand new setup and I had a faulty connection so was charging intermittently
All sorted and working correctly now


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In perfect world yes it will. i should add my statement abit clear
If you depleted your lithium battery or store it when it empty the BCM on the battery will be sleep to protect the cell/battery.
Big brand will only can wake the bms via their on charger. Sample endrive lite I have forgot to charge it and now the bcm sleep and can’t wake up even with 7/25/30A Victron and yes I have 3 victron charger and have tried power supply mode too. I have to buy endrive charger to reset/wake the bcm you can watch it on endrive vidio.

If normal/non big name brand they all find like what you said just plug the charger and it will start charging.
or only me have problem with this lite type endrive
You do NOT need to buy an Enerdrive charger. Your Enerdrive Lite lithiums can be restarted as per the procedure I (and others) posted early. Even the new Enerdrive lithiums can’t be restarted by their own chargers BUT the newer Enerdrive lithiums have an inbuilt restart button which you press once your charger is switched on.


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@CTL yes I have tried with power supply mode (except solar or jump it with car) and still doesnt wake it up. Will try it next time.
Endrive charger still on order hopefully arrive next week and see this one off elite busted or not (it just for testing never been used hard and left it on the shelf to long)


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