Recommend Sand Training Course - Brisbane


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Hi all, I’ve been interested in exploring the beaches of Queensland for quite some time and am looking at picking up a vehicle in the next couple of months. I’m was hoping to ask the forum if you have any recommendations for a training course provider out of Brisbane that provides a Sand driving course. Any advice would be welcome and thanks in advance for your input.


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Thanks for these, yeah I found quite a few through google, just wanted to see if anyone had some experience with one over another. The tip about the local clubs is a good one, I’ll reach out and see if there is a bit of local advice.


Les PK Ranger

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I’ve cancelled a Moreton Is trip due to beach erosion from Oma.

But one weekend in the next 5 to 6 weeks I’m planning to do a day drive (maybe even an overnighter) to Teewah / Double Island / Rainbow for a test of the Ranger recent mech work, before final drive home to Adelaide.

If you’re keen you’d be welcome to join and get a bit of high tyre pressure deliberate bogging experience.
Coming onto the beaches is sometimes easy to do this up high in the soft areas.