Reccommend me a battery


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So I just ebayed myself a cheap winch so I will need a new battery to go with it. The item description recommends a battery with a minimum of 650ccA. Straight up, I have no clue about batteries (had to look up what ccA stood for), but what I am looking for is something cheap but without being unreliable (don't get off road as much as I'd like to, really only have time to get stuck in the mud during the holidays). And when you guys suggest a battery, let me know the reasons behind the suggestion, cause I really know jack all and this is a good time for me to learn.

Thanks in advance guys.


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Well what ever you get make sure its a deep cycle i think...I have a trojan 115ah but thats just for fridge purpose as i have a pto winch.


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I thought deep cycle were designed for running appliances rather than provide the huge amps needed for winching. It's not a PTO winch that I bought so I think I need the amps.


get a battery that is the biggest you can physically fit in the cradle with the highest rating.....

ive got 2 x 720cca rated batteries in my surf that were around $130-$140 each.... you could get the fancy style ones (optima i think they are) but do you really need to spend the extra?? Any battery when looked after will last you more than the warranty period (usually 12-24 months)


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IMHO - The best battery for the application is a marine battery. These normally have the plates bonded into the plastic so that the bouncing doesn't short it out internally. A common cause of premature failure when 4wding and boating. Get a Start/Deep Cycle unit like an Exide Stowaway. That way you have the CCA's to winch and some spare Amp hours for fridges/lights.

If you get a battery of about 700CCA and over 100 Amp hours expect to pay a bit extra but it should negate the need for a dual battery system provided you're not wanting to run a fridge etc for a couple of days. If you do and you're a handy bloke the cheapest dual battery system is a Voltage Sensitive Relay. This will mean when the car is running the batteries are connected but when it's off they are isolated. You can get a kit from Jaycar and Supercheap for under $200.

I have a winch and a dual battery system (electronically controlled solenoid) on my Patrol. I have the winch on the starter battery and the secondery battery does the fridge and camp lights. I always winch with the car idling and when heavy winching I use the idle up or heat up switch to bring the rev's up to 1200.

I also have a 10amp battery charger and 240V inlet wired in. Power from the inlet runs to the fridge and the charger. The fride has built in 240V priority switch, so the charger then supplies power to charge the batteries. when the secondary hits 13.8V the isolator cuts in and the charger charges the starter battery too. I plug in to the 240V the night before we head away with the fridge loaded to top-up the batteries and chill the fridge. Gives me about an extra day or two of battery power when camping.

Hope this helps.



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I don't really run anything electrical (doesn't feel like camping if you ain't roughing it) so I sdollery's suggestion is good. How much would I be looking at for a battery like that? I really like the durability factor.