Rear Suspension Upgrade - coils and airbags


Well, I finally got my suspension upgrade installed. Did the front end too but I'll do a deprecate post for that. Shock's are still good but when the time comes, I'll be installing Tough Dog Foam Cell's.

For now, I have installed Tough Dog TDC-267H coils and a pair of AirLift 1000 air bags.

With the minimum 5psi in the air bags, I ended up with 50mm lift. I didn't want to go to a really hard spring and spoil the ride and suspension travel just for those times when the Jack's fully loaded with camping gear, so the air bags are the perfect solution for me, just add air to level the old girl out when she's got a load on and then drop back to minimum pressure for general use.

I went with the AirLift rather than Bridgestone for the better warranty, better price, better support, wider range of sizes and parts availability.

The guys at were great, sent them the inside diameter of my new springs and the height between top and bottom plates. They then recommended the appropriate kit which fitted perfectly. Bridgestone on the other hand would have required a 2" spacer.

One more plus for me was that the AirLift bags are red. Goes much better with my Jack hahahahaha

I installed the air valve in place of one of the fuel filler flange bolts. This gives me easy access but keeps the valve safely locked away behind the fuel door.

And......... Here's the photos :)



Air valve is top left

I'll be testing this setup with a full load and two weeks on Moreton Island so I'll let you all know how it performs in comparison to the stock suspension on the last trip to Moreton.


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Hi Craig
Just been reading about your Suspension Upgrade I have a question, what height do you have from the front wheel arch to the ground and same for the rear.

Thanks Graeme


Hey Graeme,

Front arch to ground is 890mm
Rear arch to ground is 895mm

Having said that, measurements to ground are subject to tyre size and inflation, I'm still running 245/70/15 (about 29" diameter) on my Jack so when I get around to putting 31" tyres on, I'll bed adding another 25mm to those two measurements.

A more accurate way to measure suspension is to measure to the wheel rim rather than the ground, this takes tyres and inflation out of the picture. I just drop the end of the tape down onto the rim lip and on level ground, I can pretty quickly check levels front to rear and left to right without errors that might be caused by tyre pressures

Hope that helps

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