Rear Shock Replacement


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After 10 years & 200,000 km`s of abuse one of my rear OME Nitro Chargers has finally blown a gasket.

Thinking of going with Tough Dog 40 mm adjustable & looking for some feedback if anyone else is running these. Vehicle is a 2005 GU Patrol wagon with a 300 kg constant load rear springs.

Any other options out there worth considering?



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I ran the tough dogs twice (replacement set were all that was available at the time). Both sets lasted under 40k km. Pathfinder running 200kg constant load and airbags when needed.

Swapped them out for bilsteins valved to match the vehicle weight. Better ride, no failures yet in 20k km


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Are adjustable worth the effort? After the initial novelty, how many times do people crawl in the dirt and gravel under their vehicles to adjust the shocks?
I thought about adjustable years ago, but for the reason above and hearing stories of the adjuster knobs getting knocked off and them tripping back to the default setting, I chose to go with just the basic tubes as there is less to break.

I've been through a few in my time:
Rancho- Rubbish, blew seals in less than 40000km
OME- Good control and lasted well
Monroe and Gabriel- Good, but I didn't flog them
Whatever Ford fitted to the BT50/Ranger from the factory- 180000km, couldn't kill them with a stick
Tough Dog- Going well, but only a couple of months. Fitted because I got good customer service with the springs and thought I'd give them a go.


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They might be 45mm Toughdogs for a patrol. I had them all round on my GQ it weighed around 3t I thought they were good shocks 120,000km still good when I sold the vehicle early this yr. I didn’t have to climb around in the dirt and gravel to change the settings you don't change them a lot but when you do they make a big difference to the ride comfort and make the vehicle more stable on the road when loaded up. Personally if I got them again I would go all 4 so you can match the ride from front to back unfortunately they don't have adjustables for the front on my BT50 so I went XGS all round.


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I would have thought that after that time and mileage it would be an easy choice, stick with the OME.
I would go with the OME`s but they are nearly double the price of the Top Dogs. Pockets aren't that deep at the moment!
Scratch that got a bum steer on the price(was quoted for 4 shocks not 2).

Might have to reconsider going with them again.
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@Hoyks @Albynsw Have been having that thought as well. As mentioned could be just another failure point.

The reason I was looking at adjustables is that with the 300 kg constant load springs in the rear with minimal load the ride is a bit harsh. Was thinking adjustables might soften the ride when not loaded up.


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I have run Dobinsons in my last 2 vehicles , combined 200 000 Ks towing, touring, high-speed corrugations for 100's of Ks , cant fault them.