Rear bar wheel carrier removal


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G'day folks,

I'm trying to remove my left wheel carrier from OL rear bar for last one hour and result was unfortunate. I've removed castle nut, washer and hydraulic hinge attachment thought carrier arm would easily comes off just lifting it by bear hands but didn't work then I tried hammering upward underneath the carrier arm to loose bearing again I failed finally I stepped ahead using a high-lift jack as a lever and lifting carrier arm again couldn't find any movement from the carrier. What would be the issue here ?


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A picture is worth a thousand words. There shouldn't be much holding it other than a bit of corrosion, maybe a bit of WD40 is all you need.


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Try getting a piece of hardwood between the carrier and the bar,
If you have some wooden wedges hammer those in opposite to each other as close to the pivot point as possible.
If you don`t have any wedges try a cold chisel,
Do not use Jimmy Barnes.
When you get some force lifting it up, try the hammer on the outside, use a metal one with a bit of wood between them.


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I just had a thought, check the underside of the bar.
The stub axle maybe bolted on.
If you can unbolt that you may find it`s easier to see what is going on.