Real Camping.


Each to their own then I guess.

True. Agree with you on that. Very much so and came across two users on another thread who would even argue that point.

You were quite brief, which is good, but appeared to say that the only place you need to go is 4x4Earth .

Maybe I took your words too literally and come to think of it, I am sure you didn't mean not to ignore other forums and sites, clubs and maps etc etc.

That was the main reason I responded. We didn't even use a forum, nor for that matter the internet, for some trips. Poor old Google tends to be ignored in this household.

Have a good one



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Mate, your only a rookie if you make a rookie mistake or you tell people you are one. All the rest of us are ex rookies and still learning.

And that includes Swaggie and Prawns!!!!


Yep, that's why I love this site, so many forums either ridicule you or the moderators "moderate" you for asking a question that has been asked before, even if you didn't get the answer you were looking for :confused:

Been camping before Google and indeed the Internet, remember BBS and dial up modems - before that.

Read maps and thought, that looks like an interesting place. But do find more places, and reasons, to go have a look somewhere else from the good members here