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Receiving, Installing and Using the 4x4Earth GPS Recorder.

What is the
4x4Earth GPS Recorder?
4x4Earth GPS Recorder is an application that runs off a Windows Mobile compatible phone and a Global Positioning System (GPS). 4x4Earth GPS Recorder will track routes travelled using the GPS and record it on the Windows compatible phone, this file is then sent to us to be uploaded to 4x4 Earth where you can use various tools to view the route travelled.

What Do You Need To Operate
4x4Earth GPS Recorder ?
In order for you to use 4x4Earth GPS Recorder you will need to have a Windows Mobile Phone and a GPS. A Windows Mobile is similar to a PDA but runs a version of Windows specially made for the phone. A Windows Mobile can come in many different models, specifications and providers but any Mobile that runs Windows Mobile will run 4x4Earth GPS Recorder . Any basic GPS will also operate with the Windows Mobile whether it is built into the Mobile or a part of an external unit.

How does the 4x4Earth GPS Recorder Work with the GPS?
The Windows Mobile with 4x4Earth GPS Recorder automatically connects and receives data from either the internal or external GPS, there is no need for user interaction to configure any part of the system.

Installing the 4x4Earth GPS Recorder

To get 4x4Earth GPS Recorder onto your Mobile you will need to download it from here.

1. Once you have downloaded the file, locate the folder you downloaded it to.
2. Sync your Windows Mobile with your PC.
3. Double click the file (on your pc) you downloaded, to have it install onto your mobile.
4. Once the program has installed it is ready to be used.

Using the 4x4Earth GPS Recorder Program

Once the 4x4Earth GPS Recorder program has installed on your Windows Mobile, locate the program and run it. 4x4Earth GPS Recorder will have automatically installed into the programs folder, you can locate it through the start menu then into the programs file.
1.Open the start menu.
2.Find the programs file and select it.
3.Once in the programs file, scroll down until you find the Live Drive Mobile icon and select it to start up the program.
4.When the program is started it will show you a range of information, when the Windows Mobile locks to the GPS it will fill in the information table and you are able to begin recording.
5.To start recording select the 4GF recording tab.
6.Once you have selected the 4GF tab you will be given the start and stop options, select the start option to begin recording.
7.Once you have selected the start option, you will encounter a popup menu where you will be required to give the recording a name, and a file to save it too.
8.After you have given the file a name you a place to save, the 4GF will begin to record the route you are travelling.
9.When you have started the recording process, the screen will return to the original opening screen known as the location tab, you will be give periodic updates on your position from this screen.
10.To stop the recording, return to the 4GF Recording tab and select stop.

Any issues or questions, post a new topic in this forum.

Have Fun :D
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