Rant on youtube


Was it a rant about how bad 4wd's are... or if holdens/chevs are better than fords?

Im not quite sure... started out about 4wd bashing... then started on about local production and import tariffs... WTF??? and they got an OUTLANDER - so??? not like she hired a cruiser or patrol that would get worse fuel economy....

I just happend to come accross this vid and thought "What the $%^& are you on about"???


Was it a rant about how bad 4wd's are... or if holdens/chevs are better than fords?

Im not sure either :confused:.
Maybe he should have written his speel in crayon, so he could have kept on topic!!!

But, I spose if people are going to bash us, we need more people like him, people that are easily confused and wander off topic.:D That would be easy to handle...

" 4 Wheel drives are bad and........... what was I saying, oh yeah, buy a holden ?????" :D:D:D


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Another no clue tosser! Thinks everyone should live by his ideals. That would make this place pretty boring! If your planning a trip from to there, hire a falcon. If I want to drive a 4x4 and use it as a 4x4, so be it. I think he neds to get a life and get out there and have some fun. Live a little!

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I think he got himself abit mixed up in the middle of all that. 4x4 never leave the city - buy a falcon buy a holden. He couldn't even keep himself on topic. :rolleyes:

I bet he has an Audi parked in the driveway :D:D:D


What's the difference between an All Wheel drive and a Four Wheel drive, an SUV and a RV???? MMmmm.


WTF! You can tell that this bloke had no clue due the fact that he still bears the face of being hit with a bullbar! Also if you look in the background you can see that he is still unpacking after being let out the asylum where he was known for running around calling himself bruiser the landcruiser bumping into other patients thinking they were trees. Come on mate how about you take your medication and read up on things first. Then he could give Dr Phil a call to get over his phobia of bullbars.

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Well not to sure about his facts think he just got cut off by a mum in a cruzer at the local school that morning so decided to have a b***h.
I do agree about the amount of 4B's that are only used in the city though, just not about his percentage's.
And the only way the OZ car plants will pick up production of home grown is when the over sea's wages and plant costs get closer to out here.


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lol does he live in a box or just to sheltered that he's never had the opportunity to actually go 4bing. someone should take him than he would find something better to do with all his time....

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What? Nobody likes those Cruisers, Hiluxes, Tritons etc that have 22 inch chrme wheels with low profile road tyres on them. They look like money well spent. Don't you know they need them like that to tow the ski boat twice a year?
Geez you people are so unkind.