rant approaching !!!


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im going away and when i get back ill figure out if the "new" fuel tank solves the fact i have no fuel gauge , teh subtask light is on and it leaks fuel
If it does i may just stick with it
If it doesnt ill be test driving !

if i could have had teh dmax id be buying it !
Fuel Tank gauge - easy to fix.
Fuel tank light - disconnect the battery for a while & connect it again.
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Boat anchors, all noise and no go, they’d be a long way down my list of engine conversion options.
I’ve looked at a few options including a 6.6l Duramax for the Patrol, but the starting price is 50k. There are a few now going the 4.5litre CRD Cummins route, but these also start at around 35k+.
Simply not worth it in my view, particularly for remote area travel and reliability. I wish the bloody manufacturers would steer away from their ever decreasing engine sizes and give us a wider choice of off-road vehicles with real grunt!

Totally agree, I keep all my vehicles stock standard apart from the usual suspects such as long range tanks, bullbar and suspension as like you I travel very remote and rely on the vehicle to get me there and back without too much fuss.

I spoke to a senior Nissan mechanic one day and he said the majority of issues they experience is people that fiddle with the engines, but they keep decreasing the size and rely too much on turbos and afterburners to get the power out of such a small engine.



might just go back to Fincar ! work uses maxxia who hav been hopeless so far

hey mate just wondering how you went with all this? I’m considering doing the same. You work for health? The under 1 ton payload thing is an ATO rule, not from your employer.

one thing I found handy... the smartleasing website lets you select vehicles and filters out all the ones that are 1000+kg payload. No other website I’ve found does this. Pretty handy for those of us who want a novated lease.

Maxxia flat out told me that no letter from the dealer or weighbridge info would convince them otherwise. Pretty annoying when one model is listed as 1005kg payload, regardless of if it’s cab chassis or tub, or whether or not it has a tow bar.


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992 if i remember as delivered

May be less than that now with teh toys ( bar winch lift fuel tank etc)


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The only thing i miss is the tray
Not often i buy 2400 lengths of anything but it went in the tray . Bit more difficult in the tub!
And you can't get as much rubbish in it going to the tip!

The other thing that happened is if you put a 2 inch lift and 33's on ,it's bloody hard to reach over into the tub!!!

Solved by carrying a milk crate!