Ranger Raptor 2018 - 157kW 500Nm - do you feel ripped off?


Ford has released details of the new 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor.
The big news is that it has a 2.0 litre bi-turbo diesel engine making 157 kW and 500 Nm of torque. This is a long way short of what was originally speculated and drove a lot of the hype, which was a 3.5 litre twin turbo Ecoboost V6 which is in the F-150 Raptor - it would have produced 336kW and 690Nm which would have been epic.

https://practicalmotoring.com.au/car-news/2018-ford-ranger-raptor-revealed-photos-details/ has more details, but the engine is certainly no where nearly as good as we thought. I probably won't buy it now, especially given what the price will probably be.

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Do they purposefully try to offend every Aussie by releasing these tiny displacement engines in "performance" spec trims?

Kudos to them for speccing out the 10 speed gearbox - i'm sure that'll make a big impact in overcoming the smaller engine. The rear coil set and long travel suspension is a positive, as is the stock 33s (it'll be interesting to see if people try to stick 35s underneath because of that). I also respect the reduction of the towing to 2500kg - it's realistic - though again, if it's meant to be their top spec high performance vehicle, why it wouldn't be able to achieve a 3500kg towing rating is beyond me...

In my mind it's a mixed bag. Some nice features that began to lend the raptor name appropriately (10sp box, long travel suspension, large tyres from factory), but then killed by a small engine and tow rating.

p.s. the comment re the "rock sliders" being tested for 100kg.... so in other words they're side steps that have been tested to hold the weight of a larger bloke? They sure don't sound like they've been tested as rock sliders...


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I seem to recall the US laws for efficiency were spread over the entire manufacturers range and they employed some system gaming techniques to get around shortfalls in R&D. Maybe thats the reason?


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The two litre motor will be a hard pill to swallow for those who thought they would be getting a scaled down F truck
If it is matched well with the gearbox it still might drive ok though.


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Speaking in Thailand today, Jamal Hameedi, chief engineer, Ford Performance said, “We are so excited and proud to unleash this vehicle to the public, driving it really makes you feel like a hero."
Well I guess that sums it up for me.

Yes indeed


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I bet that motor will replace the 3.2 next round of changes, maybe in a slightly detuned format.

You would think so but surly they won't be dropping figures below the current Gen

There just numbers just there is the marketing to consider


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What is the price range for all this Macho Goodness ?
Heard a guy on the radio today , raving about it and pumping it up , estimated around 70k ?????
Are they for real ?


I wouldnt write of the 2.0L motor just yet. If its a totally new motor and grissling with new tech, it should leave the 3.2 in its wake and wouldnt even crack a sweat. I have a suspicion that there are ALOT more Kw to be screw out of this motor that the current 3.2 is capable of. If that is Ford has got, then thats all we are going to get, as for the V6 petrol. Not happen, period.. Thinks econony and our fuel doesnt cost $2.75 /gallon..
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The thing is, I do alot of fishing in North America, atleast. Everytime I'm there. I see Raptors everywhere.
I was driving some turbo Volvo rental and it wasnt too shabby in acceleration, and a Raptor would put 40-50 meters on me very quickly. I can tell you, POWER is the absolute embodiment and soul of a Ford Raptor. Everything else on the truck is there to support the power produced.
Overthere, there you can even get the " Ranch" option with give you rear window gun racks, and the seat are hewn together in the same way as a horse saddle is done.
I think Ford Oz went cheap and see if they can get away with it, and they will. They learnt this from Toyota.


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For 70k id expect a bit more than gun racks and a horse saddle seat , sounds like the only mods the Yanks and Aussies did were cosmetic .

Rhett HS

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If people dont get it, then i advise ford to organise opportunities for people to experience its offroad ability.
Of course, until people see them in showrooms and take local test drives we dont really know the reaction.
Chassis and suspension mods show more in the driving.
Sure, a bigger diesel would have been better, but it should be a noticeable improvement in most areas over the 5cyl.


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I guess just have to wait and see and give it a drive, but honestly one face value it seems like a big disappointment with that engine choice, all these new utes coming out with small high output high performance deisels i cant see having the longevity that we have come to know and expect from diesels......

While the suspension and rest of the package do look the goods, i can see a lot of pre orders being cancelled.


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Just don't call it a Raptor and people will be ok with it. Interestingly the HSV Sportscat or whatever it's called has very similar enhancements as the Raptor. People complained that the 2.8l was left untouched but seeing as how it is almost on par with the Ford 2l I wonder if HSV had some inside word on what Ford were planning?