Ranger 2" suspension lift.


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Hey Guys,

it sstarting to get to that tme of upgrading the suspension on my Ranger, looking for a 2" lift potentially a 3" in the front to even it out.

Previously i had RidePro in LN106 hilux and it performed fantastic, heaps of flex, handled fantastic and sat nice both loaded and unloaded.

I was thinking of going RidePro again, a quick ring around seems to be about $1700 for the full RidePro kit with pre assembled front struts and im happy to install it all myself.

What are some other options and prices? I have started looking into Ironman Foam Cell Pro, but so far the cheapest i can get that is just over 2K.

Experiences or other feedback appreciated.


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I think you will find most setups under the $2k mark will all be pretty similar, cant say i have really heard anyones experience with RidePro on a ranger but no doubt it would be fine. Worth having a look over at newranger.net, lots of information over there.
If you want to go to the next level then id be looking at radflo/fox/king shocks.

Id also recommend sticking with 2" unless you want to do a heap more mods to do it properly eg diff drop, upper control arms and even then more likely to have CV issues etc.

Preassembled struts are the way to go, makes it an easy DIY job that will easily be done in a day. Worth having an extra set of hands for installing the leaf springs as they are heavy


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I put the TJM 2" lift and XGS shocks and springs into my BT50 (same car ) about 40 k ago , Couldn't be happier with the result and still working well.
Its at the price point you are looking at , so worth considering .


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Similar to Spooner's setup, I have TJM and XGS shocks and springs with a 2" lift on a PX2 and running 265/75/16 tyres for just that little more lift, and I reckon that just on edge of legal, fuel economy still good, wheel travel is good -- IMO a recommended setup.


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Ome shocks on my ranger with a ‘comfort’ lift. Kings springs front and 350 kg raised leaves on the rear. Has worked well.


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You don't want to jack the front end up much past 2" as the Ranger/BT does have a bit of a reputation for eating CV's.
Lifting the back end can also induce a vibration from the tailshaft. I got away with it without centre bearing spacers, but I did the job myself and ensured the diff carrier didn't pull down on the tail shaft and put too much of an angle on it.

Mine was done on the cheap in that I have only replaced the springs, rear was done with 5000km on the clock and the front at around the 25000km mark, so the shocks weren't exactly worn out. Its about due for new shock adsorbers as now its just ticked over 105000km.