Rainbow Beach


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Hi all

We are off up the beach tomorrow if anyone is interested

Good easy run suitable for newbies

Bring your own recovery gear

Leaving Brisbane 6 ish

meeting in the carpark

BP Connect
Bruce Hwy
Caboolture QLD

UHF 22 Stoney, Extreme Limits Offroad

double island
rainbow beach via the beach if all is good or
freshwater Track
back to tewantin via King Bore

a stop for a bbq lunch inskip or somewhere like that
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Would love to come Stoney but have other commitments. If I'm able to I might head out to the BP and see you off as it's only about 5 mins from home.


Was good to see you blokes off this morning and finally put a face to the name. Just had a quick look at your website and was quite impressed by your range. Hope you boys had a good run and look forward to seeing some pics up here for those of us who weren't lucky enough to be able to come.



i couldn't get there, couldn't get to 4x4 show either :(, busy at work.
shoot me a pm next time your headed to rainbow cliff


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Well we got going at about 6

Met Goldrush at the servo

Thanks Cliff was nice to meet you

An uneventful run to Tewantin

Got on the beach (was like burke st) but a good run up to Double Island

Rob and his GV bogged at the old Cherry Venture site a generous driver pulled rob out before we got back to him

Crossed over the Liesha Track to have a look.

No going to rainbow via the beach as there is not much beach left.

Doubled back to the freshwater track as planned

Rob and his GV bogged again (snatched him out)

Freshwater was very busy as expected

Got into Rainbow and had a look down on the beach entry, very nice scenery down on the beach

Had some lunch and got on the way to petigrews road (king bore) was a good run through but some sections had beed graded.

Hit the last big hill before the beach, rob got bogged almost at the top, Chris winched him up the last 20 metres or so

Run down on to the beach and home

Was a good run and highlighted some things that we need to take care off before the Cape Trip in Aug 08

We will be doing another run in the comming weeks

Overall a good day