Rainbow Beach Rally


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Hi all

I attended the rainbow beach rally on friday

Lots of people and trucks in attedance.

Was a good rally the Liberal National Party Member spoke and seems like he is right behind the effort to save the cooloola section from being taxed (of course in opposition he would be)

But if thats what it takes to get a voice then so be it

If you couldnt attend

send an e mail voicing your opinion to


This will be presented in parliment.

The more the merrier
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stoney i guess its the only beach ya dont pay a fee on there gunna do it anyway mate dont have to like it but im a realist


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Dont you think it will be a good thing as it will keep the hoons off the beach as they dont have the money to pay. I dont like to pay but if it has to be, then we just have to pay.


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I dont know about keeping the hoons off the beach becuase they dont have money, but it seems rediculous to have the minimum permit at $37 for a month.....it would make a lot more sense to have a weekend permit for $10..... or a weekly permit. Whenever we go up there its only for a weekend or a week at the most, so a months permit is a waste for us.


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taxs errol taxs we have to keep the state government proped up somehow its just a nother tax grab because we know the money wont go back to the beach


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yep bribies a payer the only place that you dont pay at the moment is teewah to rainbow for how long who knows