R.T.C. dampener & Pajero?


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How big are your tyres?? It's a waste money if they are smaller than 35's. Not nesseary at all. Get an adjustable damper at best. It just gives you options on the feel of the steering.


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Can i ask if anybody has had a problem with their rtc steering damper. I fitted one 2yrs ago went through the Simpson and the damper lost the fluid, i fitted a replacement and went up the Cape and had to remove it and fit a normal one,i have traveled 4000km on the normal one with no problems. Just removed the spring and it is no good. I like the idea of the steering returning to the center, but do not wish to fit another as when it is faulty it causes the car to shake violently.


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mine did, in my surf
I should have qualified my answer by saying that you don’t fit them to an IFS vehicle with a steering rack.

I’m not sure how you’d actually do it if you wanted to.

Older vehicles with a recirculating ball steering box etc. then that would be different.


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I have a tough dog RTC damper on my GQ after a local brake & front end specialist recommended I fit one when the original damper was stuffed a few yrs ago I have a 4" lift with 285's no problems with it yet.