R.I.P Gene Wilder


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R.I.P to Gene Wilder, A.K.A Willy Wonka or Deputy Jim, and later in life, the face of many memes.


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We used to grab easy $50 worth of chocolates and lollies when Willy Wonka was on and watch with our son when he was a littlin.


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My daughter saw him on the TV when they were advising of his passing, "Yay, Willy Wonka's on TV" she said, without reading the subtitles. I haven't told her yet, I think it would break her heart as it's her favourite movie of all time.


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Fantastic actor/comedian seen and laughed at lots of his films over the years so
let's be Frank when you were Young you were a little Stir Crazy and
Blazed from your Saddle like Bonnie & Clyde. You were The Little
Prince The World's Greatest Lover who liked a bit of Hanky Panky
or to just be Sunday Lovers with The Women in Red.
You didn't want to Start The Revolution or have a Haunted Honeymoon
you just wanted to take your Quackser's Fortune and live happily ever after
in a world of pure imagination as Willy Wonka would have in his Chocolate Factory.
RIP Gene Wilder thank's for the memories.


Willy Wonka...was my favourite book as a child and my most favourite movie of all time. Any chance l get l watch it...just ask Frosty...lol.
My son and l used to watch it when he was younger and it was the saddest day when my mum taped over the movie with a state of origin game...lol
Rip Mr Wilder