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Quick setup tents for a family?

Discussion in 'Tents' started by 89gqpatrol4x4, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. 89gqpatrol4x4

    89gqpatrol4x4 Active Member

    [​IMG] Quick set up tent for family?
    Does anyone have any experience with quick set up tents that don't cost $1000 plus?
    We're doing the cape again next year and don't want to take the camper. We could borrow another double swag but would that work for a three year old and 18 month old child? Also thinking the tent might be good for say Moreton and straddle trips as the trailer makes it quite expensive! Especially Moreton.
    Cheers Rob
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. muc the truck

    muc the truck Well-Known Member

    without the expense of so called 3o second tents you can also buy tents that use 2 flexi poles that run diagonal (cross) and then the tent simply clips to these poles with no need to thread poles through fidly loops . I helped an elderly friend traveling solo around oz buy a 4 person tent that he can erect by him self in a couple of minutes for under $150
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  3. axle82

    axle82 Well-Known Member

    i have the oztrail cruiser 240 it was $250 set up in about 5 minutes and pack up the same it fits a queen mattress with room to spare and the awning out the front is pretty handy aswell. there is the 340 which would be big enough for what you are after
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  4. axle82

    axle82 Well-Known Member

  5. axle82

    axle82 Well-Known Member

    thats the tent
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  6. 89gqpatrol4x4

    89gqpatrol4x4 Active Member

    How is it in rough weather?
  7. axle82

    axle82 Well-Known Member

    havent had it in a gale but it has seen plenty of rain with no leaks. there is plenty of guy ropes to peg it down with so im sure it would be fine
  8. Chatty

    Chatty Well-Known Member

  9. 89gqpatrol4x4

    89gqpatrol4x4 Active Member

    I take it you can set it up without all the guy ropes?
  10. Aaron Schubert

    Aaron Schubert Moderator

    Have a look at Snowy's; they are selling the Blackwolf turbo tents for about half price at the moment.

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  11. 89gqpatrol4x4

    89gqpatrol4x4 Active Member

    The main reason I don't want to spend heaps is we have a camper trailer and a swag. More than likely as the kids get older they'll
    Have there own swags for those remote and expensive( with s trailer) destinations!
    The other thing is what do people do for bedding? We have a self inflating mattress but is big and what for the kids?
    At least with the swag mattress is already their, but then they are big themselves!
  12. Marck

    Marck Well-Known Member

    Check out the Coleman instant up gear. When it's on sale it's reasonable value we paid around 600 last June has 3 big rooms they also make one with 2 rooms with 2 people it's fully up in 10 mins . Good in a stiff wind. No leaks. And has a little veranda roof to keep eskys and all that out of the sun.

    Our kid is a bit older but we just use an air bed if they are a Lille low on preasure they don't seem to roll out of them in the night.
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  13. Milkandjuice

    Milkandjuice New Member

    The Coleman instant up range is great value, especially the Gold series. We've been using a 4 person Gold but with the little one getting older we are getting the 10 person. IMO they are good value and very easy to set up and with the new air circulation design on the Gold series, perfect for beach camping.
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  14. BlueCollie

    BlueCollie Well-Known Member

    I've recently bought an Oztrail 300 twin tourer from Tentworld who were/are selling them for a decent price with complete underfloor guard included. I've set it up in the backyard for a practice but I haven't used it on a camping trip yet (bring on January:)). It looks well made and is huge with three rooms, which might be overkill for you guys, and includes a half decent awning out the front (with floor).
    Before that we used an 8 man dome tent that someone gave us for nothing and we managed to fit a portacot, a bunk stretcher for the two bigger kids and two stretchers for my wife and I and that setup worked really well but space was pretty tight and the tent started to fall apart after a few years use.
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  15. TonyF8

    TonyF8 Active Member

    Coleman instant up 6 gold, we trialled these before they were released on the market in Australia, would be one of the best value for dollar tents on the market. circular ventilation system, 100kph rating and a 4 minute set up, approx 15kgand reasonably compact pack up size.
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  16. bigjew

    bigjew Member

    We survived 85 to 100 kph winds in our Coleman Instant Up Gold,at Deep Creek Conservation Park,last month. Impressed!
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  17. axle82

    axle82 Well-Known Member

    yip just need the 3 for the awning and 4 pegs for the corners
  18. paul-gee

    paul-gee Member

    You have a pretty healthy budget, so I would recommend grabbing yourself a Black Wolf Turbo Tent. But, which one is the million dollar question. You're a family of four wanting to do The Cape as well as bit of beach camping further south?

    Firstly, I'd recommend going canvas over the 'lite' version of the Turbo. Better breathability is the main reason. Also, you'll be getting a more durable tent. Heavier and bulkier to pack up and carry, for sure, but if you have the capacity on your vehicle this is the way to go.

    This brings us to 4 options:

    Turbo 210
    Turbo 240
    Turbo 240 Plus
    Turbo 300

    I'd avoid the 210 as the sleeping area measures a mere 2.1 x 2.1 metres. Enough for a queen sized air bed and a few bits and pieces. If you're buying a tent that you want to hold onto for a good few years, it needs to be able to accommodate your growing family. I reckon the Turbo 240 Plus or 300 would be better suited to this. If I had to choose one, it would be the Turbo 240 Plus, as it has a distinct separate sleeping area at the back. Mum and dad are up enjoying a few post-sundown beverages under the awning, the kids are safely tucked into bed at the back of the tent.

    Then you have the Oztrail Tourer and Coleman Instant Up ranges. They fit more in 'value for money' category than 'serious touring tent'. Both have their pros and cons. The Tourers are almost like budget Turbos in their design and the accessories that are available for them. The Instant Ups, the Gold series in particular, are a bit gutsier and have proven themselves over the years.

    If you're considering the Oztrail or Coleman, instead turn your focus to the Black Wolf Turbo Lites. They're made from ripstop polyester too, but have the same frames as the canvas Turbos and are built for longevity. What's more, the Turbo Lites come in some pretty useful designs like the Twins, which are a 3-room design, and the Cabin 450, which is a 2-room design. A certain Adelaide-based online retailer has them for a ripper price as well.

    If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask here. :)

    (Disclaimer: I work for Snowys. We sell all three brands of tent I mention in this post.)
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  19. 89gqpatrol4x4

    89gqpatrol4x4 Active Member

    Thanks for the info mate. But I'll be looking at the instant up etc as ssid I don't want to spend a $1000. When I've had s look at them I might well be asking your advice. Cheers
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  20. paul-gee

    paul-gee Member

    No worries. :)

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