quick release awning


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That’s so funny.

A Russian friend sent that to you but not many knew about it.

Made, designed here by Ironman
ime on a couple of russian forum and bought some kings awning walls for this fellow and sent them to russia. cheaper than him buying locally
now hes asking about this, i cant find it online.
am i missing something?
Jacnden, Red was just commenting on the irony. They're made by Ironman, an Australian owned and run company.

It's ironic that you'd hear about it from Russia and not many people here have heard of it


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all good, very hard to read irony into text :)
still hasnt helped me find a link to this quick release, which looks like a good idea


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Bloody Hell! Ironman has stole my idea except I use 15 and 20mm square tube and a thumbscrew. Don't find much need for an awning around town and have different rooftop setups so simple to change.
Have you tried contacting Ironman as the picture is on their Instagram page.


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Ironman stole my idea :(
This is how I made mine a few years ago but I use it with my tent so I can drop it off the vehicle so I can still drive around.

The only mod I have made since then is I replaced the single L bracket from the rack to the awning with a double for added strength.
D shackle.jpg

Removed from rack.jpg
Free standing.jpg