Questions on Ningaloo Station


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for thoes that have been there, of the 4 camps what was the best? also what setup do you need to pump water from the bore, and can you pump direct into a caravan tank?
Hey mate,

We stayed at Winderbandi - nice spot, although access out with a boat is a real pain in the backside when its anywhere near low tide - very, very close to the surface coral.

I would ring Phil, or email him - my understanding is the bore is only accessible if you know someone in that camp ground that will let you in. I was told people just use a bilge pump - I can't see why you couldn't pump it straight into the van, with the right filters perhaps.

We found Phil extremely helpful and easy going - he should be able to sort ya out



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The pump set up looks great but I would be checking that you you can pump up 3-4 metres with the filter as bilge pumps aren't designed for pressure (head).