Question Straight Pipe a Hilux 2013 D4D 4x4

Edward sasser

New Member
Hi Everyone, Newbie here..can i straight pipe my HILUX D4D turbo Diesel from beginning exhaust to tail pipe without issue other than noise difference. In usa we do this with our full size trucks like f350, GMC 3500 without issue other than louder and then get better power across the band and better fuel economy.
I know zero on these small Toyotas and wondered if anyone can advise. I just finished a new flat bed fab on it with oak timbers in bed that came out pretty sweet after a jeepny driver crunched the bed pretty good. So now i thought more fun with exhaust.
Further who makes a good power module in Oz and pedal torq unit for these units in Oz.
any advice , guidance or warnings is welcome .
NC NECK in Asia