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Hi Guys ( probably aimed at site admin / moderators )

Looking through the photo gallery under tracks, and I notice that the ' submitted by ' comment at the bottom of each picture isn't necessarily reflective of the person who has actually submitted the pic.

An example here 4x4 Earth Australia for 4WD Tracks

Doesn't bother me, or probably anyone else, just thought I might bring it up in case it is a glitch in the system.


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G'day Frosty
Even got the same rego :eek::eek::eek:
Bet that last ticket I got in the mail was ShadowPeo's doing ;)
Could probably blame him for a lot of things actually :D:D


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An update, have found a few tracks with photos credited to me that I haven't taken and no idea who they are


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Davidman: Yeh I got you those speeding tickets, works well I get to speed everywhere and don't have to deal with the consequences :p

It references me because I uploaded the photos, when images are submitted by someone other than the track owner they are in fact sent to me to check and upload, as such they show up as being mine. currently there is no way to change this.

bmurray can you please provide an example of this as I have no idea what is happening here and will get this seen to



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Here is an example, the Jeep wasn't from me. Some of the other tracks have Jeeps in them too.


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