Question on how to air down tyre pressure (Subaru Outback)


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Hi, I'm new to this forum.
I was hoping to get some advice about airing down with my Subaru Outback.
I also own a 79 series with 35" tyres on 16 inch rims. I air it down to about 18 PSI when offroading.
However I'm currently using a 2015 Subaru Outback 3.6r

My question is: Is there some way of knowing the minimum tyres pressure that you can go to based on some metrics of your tyres such as sidewall and rim size?

I'm running Yokohama Geolander AT on the stock 18" rims (225/60R18). The tyre doesn't have much sidewall, so I want to know, what psi should I air down to while off-road on different surfaces without risking damage to my rims?



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Are they a LT tire? I doubt it so don't air down very much because the side walls are just not strong enough, at a guess high 20's to low 30's depending on how much weight is in the car.
Why do that sort of work in the subby when you have a 70?


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I'm pretty sure they aren't a LT. Problem with 225/60R18 is there's very little available in an AT.

79 is out of action for a while, and what I'm doing isn't hectic. Just some rocky trails, a few steep hills. I'm also going through Errinundra NP which will probably be quite muddy, although the tracks are decent quality.


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I wouldn’t drop too much air as you will just be working the soft sidewalls too hard and exposing yourself to punctures. Drop a bit to improve the ride on a trial and see basis.
With your proposed use you will be better off being too high than low and drive to the conditions


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I've shredded a tyre on an Outback around 15 years ago, I wouldn't go below mid to high 20's and keep your speed down


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Join a Subaru forum. Because they weigh so little you can get away with lower pressures. 11 is common for beach work on them. I wouldn’t be afraid of 20-22 on trails depending on how loaded it is. Fully loaded highway pressure on the fronts is only 29 or something equally silly.