Question on greaseable shackle pins


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Hi all, just wondering if anyone else has problems when re-greasing their shackle pins. When I do mine, whether I pump a little or a lot of grease, it always comes back out the nipple where the tiny ball is. I know the pins aren't getting enough grease as it still sounds a bit dry.
Should I just buy good quality nipples and try them?

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Yeh the grees should come out around the edges of the pins where it meets the shackles and not out the nipples. You can feel the difference in em when you drive.
Dont be afraid to realy stuff it in till you see it coming out the eges,then just wipe of the exes.
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Sometimes if the grease gun is not lined up properly and pushed on the nipple firmly, there is not a good seal and the grease escapes around the nozzle. If the nipples have gummed up, you might also be able to wash them out with some petrol or diesel if you don't want to wait til you are somewhere that sells them.

Best course is probably to replace the nipples and see how it goes.