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Hi guys,

I have a mate with a 1994 Landcruiser, dual fuel. He was having trouble with the truck and took it to his mechanics. He is not sure about what the mechanic is recommending. Does anyone have any ideas?

Here is the estimate for what the mechanic says the car needs.

There is water in the No 1. Barrel – suspects a crack head – there is no water in the oil.

Work needed

Reconditioned head
Head bolts
Motor oil
Oil filter
Long life coolant
Sundries (what ever that is)

Estimate total - $3162.50




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get another quote or 2 ......asked my brother whos a mech and he said bout $700 or so over priced ...sundries, yeah get em to elaberate what they are ....some will be oil/parts/enviro waste but not that exxy

Ps if water/oil mix ....maybe some more damaging issues there.

only stating what was said to me !(parts/labour my differ from quote to quote)
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Yeah , I would say about $700 over too . if it is just a cracked head get it welded over buying a changeover everytime - better the devil you do than the one you don't.
On petrol/gas expect some head refurbishment every 260,000, that is the reality !


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Go to another mechanic or Toyota for a quote. A 2nd eyes over the engine may find a simpler and less costly repair. Normally a cracked head will cause water lost in the radiator and bubbling.


I had a mitsubishi starion once that had a cracked head it had almost no symptoms didn't use much water & no water in the oil & ran OK. Only way I knew it was cracked was the spark plug was rusty & jammed in the head. New spark plug also went rusty.




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Whilst the price is a bit high the items on the quote are correct and sanitaries are desposables like hand wash, degreaser oil disposal etc.

It could just be a head gasket too. Water doesn't always mix with oil. It depends on where the crack is.

Tell your mate not to switch to gas when the engine is hot. If he starts it on petrol he should switch to gas within 1 min as gas is very cold and when you put something cold onto hot metal, it cracks. I've done many head exchanges due to this, particularly Toyotas and Fords, and alloy heads are the worst for it.


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telling stuff

Sharky thanks for that bit of info a friend was enquiring about this morning at smoko cheers:cool: