PX Ranger diff drop install

dumb question maybe, but the term diff drop confuses me. Are you actually just tilting the diff on the other (rear) mount? I understand what it achieves, just never seen it done. Thanks for sharing, even if I do have a Triton ;)


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Most diff drops you just space the diff evenly down so the CV angles are better.

In the ranger the cross member is in the way so dropping the front less than the back is needed to achieve the drop or cut the cross member.
If i did it again i think id go with the cut and weld option as it seems to get better results and a bit stronger.
Hey befor you installed your drop kit did you think there was not much room between front drive shaft and cross member just behind diff center?
My PX only has about 20mm max that can drop befor it would be sitting on cross member !


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yea there was not much space, the drop rolled the diff rather than dropping it straight down

The better diff drop kit from performance suspension includes a kit to notch the cross member which allows more drop