Putting a turbo on 1HZ?

I have no problem spending the money and time to do either turbo mod or engine swap just as long as on the HWY I don’t get much finger salutes.

Though Problem in Canada is that there’s probably only a handful of these 79 series ever imported and no one knows how to install turbo and tune properly and I’m not good with diesel jobs either.

SHANEGTR, do you know Which Landcruiser did they install the 1hd-fte in and from which year to which? I’m asking just in case I get lucky to find them in Canada.

Though finding a used (hopefully good) motor from Japan might be an option as there are companies that import them, I wish I could get my hands on what you guys have in Australia, I’m not sure if youall know but you’re all a whole bunch of lucky brothers in a beautiful land.

You have the nicest Landcruiser in the world and we’re all pretty jealous up here in Canada and even in the US
Tnx guys, much appreciate the input
The 79 did come with the 1hd fte as factory fit so would be a relatively easy engine swap but you would also need the gearbox as there were a stronger box on the factory td 79's.