Purchasing new 79 series (can't wait) - Tray and Canopy advice..

4x4 Earth Black Friday Sale


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I stiill like the idea of heavy canvas for a canopy, on a simple (DIY) frame.
Sure there is a security issue but perhaps some sort of alarm would scare off most theives.
Wirh a roof tent for extended trips or tent/swag for everything else.


Lazy dealership.
Talk to one of the custom builders.

Think of how many tinnies you see that are painted,
The alloy might possibly have to be lightly blasted before painting.


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The dealership advised me that I wouldn't be able to paint the alloy tray.
That is probably correct for a factory tray as they would not offer that option but they can be painted which you would have to do after install
Have a look yourself at what other tray options are available ( don’t rely on what the dealer offers only) , you can fit any tray you like, it is just less hassle for them to fit a factory tray so will steer you in that direction