Purchasing a Hj45 for parts, worth it?


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Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum here so please be gentle. About 12 months ago I acquired a 1980 Bj40 when I was living in SA. I have now since moved back to the east coast (after the most gruelling 24-hours-of-driving 2day crawl back in the Bj in summer) and am going to start restoring the old girl. There is a bit of rust, but nothing we can't handle- everything else is fine. Its even got air-con! (doesn't do the temp gauge much good on a hot day though)

I have recently stumbled on a 1979 HJ45 troop carrier a woman I know wants to sell. I have a question for you guys. I have plans for the BJ, if i purchased the HJ, they would be changed.

The HJ has the following features I would like to transplant into the BJ.

2H Diesel - unknown K's, but would have been put in in the past 5 years, estimates are between 300-400.
5-speed gearbox - the bj 'only' has the 4 speed H41
Dual Battery system
PTO winch
a better condition windshield panel (although it looks different somehow, flatter?)

The asking price was $3000, which dropped to $2000 when it failed the blue slip due to the tie-rod ends being worn.

I would like the BJ to be a bit of a holiday/weekend 4WD, which would be used to long trips to remote areas. I love the BJ and I know It would be logical to keep the HJ but that would mean more than a turbo on the 2H for the performance I want - more $$$.

Basically my question is, would a BJ40 with a aftermarket turbo 2H be reliable and how would the performance compare to say, a 14B or 13B-T in this particular application.

also, is $2000 a reasonable price?


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Greetings Danoffroad,

And Welcome To Earth.

This Post Really Needs Photo's Ha Ha Ha.

Are You Saying You Would Prefer To Restore The BJ, But Put The HJ Engine, Gearbox And Windshield In It, All Because The HJ Has Worn Tie Rod Ends??

Have To Ask, Why Not Restore The HJ?

This Post Really Needs Photo's.

Cheers Michael
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Go for it mate,, Do what your heart says,, owning a 40 series is a dangerous game,,, as they are so addictive,