Pt Macdonnell to Murray Mouth Goolwa, and back to 42 mile crossing.


The Murray mouth had a good flow of out going tide which was perfect for us as it was time to start making tracks back to 42 mile crossing

The search for a suitable campsite was on. After a few hoaxes we came across a beauty that mac man Luke was familiar with from a previous trip, campsite found we set up, cook up then kick back around the campfire for our last night of the trip.

Sunday morning was stunning offering great photo opps of the camp.


Pat and Lex were up and gone early, a quick goodbye and handshake and they were gone.
We milled around camp for a few hours knowing the sooner we packed up the sooner the trip would be over unfortunately. Packed up we hit the beach. The tide is on tide is on the run out giving us plenty of beach to cruise on, sometimes upto 80kmh which was getting abit fast for 12psi.

Getting closer to salt creek the conditions deteriorated quickly with the dreaded corrigations returning slowing progress considerably. A bogged hilux needed attention so we gave him a hand and a light snatch later by Pete had him out, much to he and waynes delight being patrol drivers:p.
Getting closer to 42 mile crossing the corros were gone but there was to be no cruising at 80kmh thru this section of beach.



42mile crossing came up quickly so took the exit and headed into the campgrounds to air up

Group photo and its time to say farewell to Mat and wish him a safe drive back to vic , was great having you along for the drive mate.

All in all a great trip with fantastic people in some of SA's best off road destinations. Thanks everyone for pitching in when the recovery was on, thanks for the great company and look forward to catching you all on future trips.:)


Brian, it was a great trip, thanks for being the leader, you did a great job as always, I'm looking forward to the 4x4 meet up.
Always a pleasure Pete , having a good charlie makes my life easier up front to mate so thanks for taking the role of tec.

Yep the meet should be a beauty mate, super keen for another run down there myself.