Provent 200 2020 updated filter


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Loitering around the forums as you do, I picked up on some interesting info (if you own a provent 200). Western Filters has an upgraded filter kit available which changes the cap and filter. The new filter now has the bypass valve which vents internally, the cap valve is now deleted. Western filters link has a couple of youtube clips showing the difference. From the looks I'd say the new version is keeping within emission rules and not venting to the outside air via the cap if the filter clogs. I'd be wary of this if you own the new model Provent and want to buy a filter like on ebay as they do not have the bypass valve and will cause problems once the filter becomes clogged.

Edit. I don't know how you will tell if the filter is now clogged, before its said outside the cap shows signs of oil (as the bypassed gas vents via the cap)
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