prospecting weekend


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There will be a prospecting weekend.Hosted by the north east branch of the P.M.A.V.At the Buckland river.On the laber day weekend of 12/13/14 of march 2011.There is a campsite big enuf for tents and caravans.All interested should call Bill Gleeson on (03) 57 44 12 63


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You will have a good time up there at this time of the year, those who visit will wonder at its beauty , but if you have ever lived there , it will touch your soul .

A little bit more notice and I would have been a contender , these are my hills of home, went to school in Porepunkah when I lived with my Grandparents up the Buckland, it is majestic country with Mt. Buffalo dominating the area .

Rode up there a few times on horse back, used to go out onto the Buffalo plateu - sadly those times have gone ,the greenies have struck .

These hills are my hills of home, those of my childhood, it is along time since I left there but they always will be my hills of home .

Today the farm " Fall's View " is owned by my cousin , Bruce Lumsden , it is seven miles up the valley from Porepunkah, facing Howell's Falls which run from lake Catani on Buffalo .

I have been fortunate to live in the Buckland, the Kiewa, and the Nariel Valleys, Victorias Northeast , Gods own country .

Today , I would be a stranger there, most of the people that I grew up with left over the years as I did .

There is one vision I retain in my mind, an early morning milking, a moonlit morning, frost on the ground , white as snow, the snow capped tops of Buffalo rising up above the farm , the clarity only disturbed by the hot breath of the cows waiting to be milked in the yard, the silence only disturbed by the thump of the single banger diesel of the shed and the dogs doing their work in the race - a simpler place , a peaceful place .

Enjoy your trip away .


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As a footnote , all the gold that came out of the Buckland was sedimentry from the river, you will find a lot of shafts dug but it is said they never found the main reef, the mountains have hung onto their secret . Gold was the reason for a bloody riot , The chinese were much more astute and retrieved gold from the tailings that the miners of European decent left behind . this raised the ire of the white population and so a bloody clash followed driving the Chinese out of the valley, there is a mass grave up there for for the Chinese slain , I was told about 250 .

The Chinese from the Buckland went and settled in Beechworth .

The road up the buckland from Porepunkah for the most part follows the original one constructed from convict labour .