ProRack T16 + fitting kit on Xtrail t31 2011


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I have fitted the fitting kit for the prorack roof racks on my X-trail and what a world of pain that was ... I have although got a few questions ...

So I have those solid gutters on my xtrail and there was 4 caps to take off to be able to fit each leag of the roof rack. I took them off and screwed the load plate onto the car as expected. These do not move at all . To be able to re-add the caps back on I have to trim the inner plate of the plastic so they closed properly. This is fine too, it's expected in the instructions that a bit of trimming might be required.

I have adjusted the length of the roof racks and followed the instructions properly.

Once the roof racks are on and tight I have noticed that if using the palm of my hand I bash really hard the leg, it might move one centimeter to the left or one to the right.
On the other end, if I actually just shake the roof racks really hard nothing happens ... It's only when bashing quite hard one side or the other.

The actually load plate screwed onto the body of the car does not move at all thankfully.

Is it meant to do that ? Is it meant to be loose that way ? I cant see myself tightening the red screw even more because it's already so damn tight it hurts my thumbs just thinking about it.

I have added a few photos so you can see.
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