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Hi guys,
Joel the newbie here, I was just wondering where was the best place to get pro comp tyres as I am getting my 80 series soon and it has a tyre with a stick through the side of it which happened the other day I was told by a friend ( car coming from friend in Mackay ) . It has 35" pro comp mud terrains on it and I have to get a RWC when it comes down so I can then start enjoying getting into it a bit more.
Thanks n Cheers.



Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, you will have a problem getting a roadworthy with 35's fitted.



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A local 4wd shop claims Vic roads are about to change the regulations that will make 35's legal...???...I can't help but feel some guys will say anything for a sale...anyone know more


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Some new national code of practice(ncop) is meant to be coming in, don't know when exactly,
but 6 months or so was last I heard. Give Vic roads a call would be one idea, and hope you get
someone who knows what they're talking about.