Princetown to Moonlight Head - Old Coach Road

This was a track I was curious about and had just enough time to check out. Turns out it was a great drive and well worth it. I started at the Princetown end where you turn off the Great Ocean Rd straight onto the Old Coach Rd (it's easy to miss), head over a bridge and past a very popular camping ground (Princetown Recreation Reserve and Camping) and you're off.

Stop somewhere along here and let some pressure out of your typres, close to the start of the track there's some really thick sand, likely put there on purpose to deter the ambitious AWD vehicles from attempting the track.

It was dry conditions when I drove and and with some lowered pressure in the tyres and sensible choices about where to put the wheels on the road, I had no issues at all. If you were with friends and wanted to play in the mud and have fun with some recovery's there's opportunity for that as well.

Some pictures from along the track FYI.

Stay left leads and drive past the camp ground and to on Moonlight Head.
2018-12-29 11.34.22.jpg

Typical firm sand along the track (some very light rain while I was on it - not enough to really get it wet)
2018-12-29 11.44.36.jpg

One of the lumpier softer sections (yes I stopped to take the picture, yes I thought better of that afterwards)
2018-12-29 11.45.19.jpg

Lumpy but still quite firm and driveable
2018-12-29 11.56.59.jpg

Bit of an incline and lumpy but easy enough going just keeping it steady
2018-12-29 11.59.03.jpg

One of those spots where you have choices to make (I stayed left)
2018-12-29 12.08.43.jpg

Rough section of track, again there was the easy way or the hard way.....
2018-12-29 12.16.27.jpg

As you can see, I took the easy way and stayed left again....
2018-12-29 12.17.04.jpg

Hope this is helpful for some of you. A great drive, some sort walks at Moonlight head with great views.
2018-12-29 12.57.35.jpg


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I’ve done that track many of times as we camp at the Princetown reserve annually. The sand track is a little challenge but nothing serious. I encourage everyone to have crack at it even beginners, as your not too far from help if you do get bogged! Plenty of help at the reserve during the summer months. I’ve seen standard Ford Territorys driving up the hill without problems. Having said that winter could be a different story.