Prices of Diesel along the Woomera - Oodnadatta- Mt Dare- Birdsville- Marree - Leigh Creek loop


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Planning a Simpson travel next year, and trying to put my finances together as well, so I was wondering if anybody who has recently travelled along that route could provide me with diesel prices at various points along that loop.
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Mr Rum

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We paid $2.00 per litre at Mt Dare on the 4th of June this year, and $1.60 per litre when we got to Birdsville.

I do believe that the price went up just after we filled at Mt Dare though.
When I went to pay, the bloke at the till asked the woman that unlocked the bowser what the price was, and she said, "It's still set to $2.00, but I'm just about to put it up." So it could be completely different by now.

EDIT: And we paid $1.279 at Coober Pedy on the 10th of May.
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Les PK Ranger

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Allowing $2 / lt avg is usually safe.
It's usually pretty stable at Oodnadatta / Birdsville $1.70 / $1.80, Mt Dare $2.20 / $2.30.
Some places lower down like Wiliam Ck / Marree can be $2, we find Lyndhurst or Leigh Ck better value, or Woomera if going that way.


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I have found on a few occasions William Creek at $2.20 is dearer than Mt Dare $2.00, most expensive I've found is $3.30 on the Canning. Like Les says, allow $2.00 ltr and you wont go far wrong.