pressure camp shower

Hi to all just letting u know if your looking for a pressure shower bunnings have a stainless steel weed sprayer called the capital proffesional very similar to the zodi extreme shower from the u.s . was looking at the zodi or the companion but got this instead and im very happiy with it cost $110 half the price . holds 8lt and has a adjustable nozzle which gives great pressure no need fitting a shower head and is also brass . I have tested it out all day in the heat in sydney today even the wife loves it and gives a good shower time of over 8 min depending on the spray u set . Check it out guys if your looking for a shower .
I wouldnt as it has a plastic base around it i suppose u could remove it id say putting it in a fire would buckle it to much direct heat . The zodi one uses a small gas burner underneath it but myself i would just boil up some water or leave it in the sun for the day