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Hey all,

Im wondering if many ppl have tried the premium diesel. I have tried caltex premium but didnt think i noticed much difference if anything it felt like i went through fuel quicker. The power difference i think was more mental than anything. Last night i have put in BP's vortex premium diesel (new formula is what they're saying on the pump) i will keep u posted as to what i think, but im interested to see if others have tried it and noticed any changes? So far it seems like a way for the petrol companies to grab a couple more cents per litre at the pump.



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gday ronnymac,

i run premium caltex diesel all the time now (due to the fact my closest service stations are all caltex) but i did find i got a little more power and kilometres but not a huge difference. However i did tend to find that it reduced the diesel smoke a fair bit when taking off at the lights.

But im keen to hear how the BP formula goes, the last BP diesel i used was very cheap and got 100ks less then i would with a catlex brand.

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In all honesty I have never even seen any premium diesel. I'll have to look next time won't I.


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it looks like caltex is changing all their diesel pumps to premium, i find it rare especially in the built up areas that caltex have regular diesel.


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Use the Caltex Premium Diesel in the 'Cruiser, and seemes to make a bit of difference

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Is it supposed to be better for these new CRD motors or just a way for them to squeeze a few more dollars out of us? Iv'e got an old tech rotary pump motor in the Triton, doesn't smoke very much at all (unless I try to stall it) and get quite good mileage with normal fuel (10-12 litres/100km). Smells like a scam to me.


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Unfortunately you have all been duked into thinking this, as Premium Diesel is not available from Caltex at the moment, as they are having supply issues at the refinery, you are only getting normal Diesel eventhough the pump says Premium, they are trying to rectify this ASAP but it looks like it wont be till July before you start to see the Premium Diesel. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.