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Prado 150 roof loading limit

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by JoeJoeJoeJoe, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    JoeJoeJoeJoe New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I just bought a full length steel roof rack, which is 50kg in total, in paper. BUT, when I get it, I feel 50kg is really something. I mean heavy. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

    If I install this rack on my prado, plus a 40kg tyre with rim, plus 4 maxtraks, plus other things, on it, all together nearly 100kg. Is my prado strong enough to carry these things on the roof? I really get no idea whether my question is too stupid, or I am just thinking too much.

    Thanks for your time and wish you guys have a good one!

  2. Toddyh

    Toddyh Well-Known Member

    Depending on the rack, I think the Prado has a 100kg roof load rating. So a 50kg rack, 40kg wheel and tyre is already 10kg off your limit. You would want to stay under this limit if heading off-road (or really anywhere at all).
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  3. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    JoeJoeJoeJoe New Member

    Which means I need to resales it now? Lol
  4. Blue_haired_man

    Blue_haired_man Well-Known Member

    A decent aluminium roof cage weighs roughly half of a steel one. A bit more prone to cracking welds, especially the cheapies, but worth the weight saving up high in my opinion, especially if you know a boilermaker!
    Cheers Leo
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  5. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    JoeJoeJoeJoe New Member

    Yes, I should do some research before purchasing. Now the problem is how to sell it, lol lol
  6. richardlnsw

    richardlnsw Moderator

    I have had a Rhino Rack Alloy Tray (1500 long) on my 120 Prado for over 8 years and it is going strong. less than half the weight of steel tray (roof racks included).
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  7. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    JoeJoeJoeJoe New Member

    Thanks for the information mate! I am trying to sell it, but it looks pretty hard now.
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  8. richardlnsw

    richardlnsw Moderator

    Join Prado Point, might have some luck there maybe?
  9. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    JoeJoeJoeJoe New Member

    Thanks for suggestion. You mean sell it there?
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  10. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    If going off road the max roof weight should be halved in my opinion. Not sure if Toyota have different load ratings depending driving conditions but from memory Land Rover go from 80kg to 35 on the Discovery 1. Makes sense if you think about it
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  11. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    JoeJoeJoeJoe New Member

    Thanks for your reply. Land Rover goes from 85 kg to 35 kg on Discovery 1?
  12. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    Haven't looked at the speks for years but 85kg on road and it is dramatically reduced for off road, that's not just a dirt road but for serious 4wding where the extra load will make the car to top heavy and unstable.
    I haven't looked for the roof load limits for my Discovery 4 because I am not installing a roof rack as its already to close to GVM.
    Most new cars are around the 100kg mark but I could think of nothing worse than having 100kg on my roof in a emergency...
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  13. Cyberess

    Cyberess Active Member

    Ah, time to mount up the 70kg Roof top tent :p -- There must be so many vehicles that overload their roof racks.
  14. Noel Preston

    Noel Preston Active Member

    With a 3 bar roof rack mount maximum load off road is 66 kgs according to Rhino rack.
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  15. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    JoeJoeJoeJoe New Member

    That is a good reference! Thanks mate!
  16. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    JoeJoeJoeJoe New Member

    That is not much, lol
  17. richardlnsw

    richardlnsw Moderator

    Yeh Joe, join Prado Pont and advertise it in their for sale section.
    As for off road weights etc I have never followed that, I just believe in driving to conditions and vehicle load..... in other words take it easy !!!
    Why though do you need a spare on the roof?????
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  18. Aaron Schubert

    Aaron Schubert Moderator

    This is exactly why I'll never recommend anyone buying a big, steel roof rack. They are too heavy to be functional.

    On another note; have a go at lifting your spare up and down and see how it goes. It may change your mind as to where you keep it

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  19. KayeC

    KayeC New Member

    Get a backbone system if you're concerned about load ratings. But the Pioneer systems are good. Roof rack weight matters so look for a platform that's light. Companies build in a safety factor when calculating load ratings, so you can get away with going over it a little bit but be warned it will void the warranty if it's apparent you've overloaded the system.

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