Post your night pics


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Here are some I took on Friday at the NSW Pre Christmas catch up.

The first one was shortly before the moon rose above the trees..

The next was from my swag.
I had been lying there for a few minutes admiring the view, and I just had to get up and grab my camera.

And this last one isn't all that interesting to look at (just the moon), but knowing that I took it handheld (after a few drinks) impresses me.
The image stabilisation on that particular lens is outstanding. (200mm, ISO100, f3.2, 1/640s, heavily cropped)

There are other pics from that day/night in the trip thread HERE.


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Took these during our recent camping trip to Brachnina gorge in the Flinders Ranges (SA).
My wife and I laid in the swag with the top open staring into the night sky. Saw a few shooting stars too.
Can not get enough of star lit skies.

Out in the bush, camp fire burning, awesome company and a gazillion stars lighting up the night sky, what more can you ask for. Heaven IS on earth!



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