Post your night pics


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Grand final fireworks at one of the tv talent shows


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From a report I did on our Xmas trip earlier this year.

That night I took a photo of the stars. The sky although nice, was not as brilliant as I had seen it here, this was mainly due to the moon being nearly full and although it had not risen yet, it did have an effect on what I saw. During the taking of the pic, a satellite passed through the sky and was captured during the camera’s 30 second exposure.


Nice ... taken in the early morning.
Orion and the Great Dog.
Pity about the satellite.

Always like these sky shots.


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When the weather is good My neighbour and I usually take a short trip to view the night sky and take a couple of photos. This photo was a taken on a beautiful summer evening (12-12-2015).

The light pollution from the city of Adelaide 240km to the South Causes the yellow colour cast. The city lights are about 18,000 feet below the horizon. The Southern Cross is clearly visible "pointing upwards" on the left.

For those interested in the details:
Camera : Canon EOS 5D
Lens : 80mm F1.2 stopped down to F1.8
ISO : 1600
Exposure : 20s



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Bought a new wide lens for my 700D to replace the old broken one. Can't wait for it to arrive. Till then, only got the 55-250mm to play with.

2nd weekend of camping in a row. It was an awesome night.

This is a moon rise! That moon was bloody bright.

There were 3 flyovers this night in just 10mins. Got one in another pic.


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Did my first stitch panorama shot while waiting for the meteor shower (in the attachment). Didn't manage to catch any of the shower on camera as the moon was bright but enjoyed watching them early in the evening.

Took a photo of the moon rise at midnight.


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