Post your night pics


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A beautiful night pic up at Alma near Maryborough in Victoria. The photographer managed to capture a once in a lifetime shot of nocturnal animals gathering near a dam. Apparently they had travelled some distance from their natural habitat to perform a mating ritual.
Alma  5-7 Oct 2007 045.jpg

Barra GU

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Camping down around Bremer Bay, was in a part of caravan park where was not a soul around, really quite spooky at night. Had foxes coming into tent at night for food (and also our crying toddler) ... was bloody game. Would hear rabbits being maulled at night, owls in trees observing you, kangaroo's hanging around ... was great.

Damn you know your way around filters and camera functions!!!! DROOL!!!!

Barra GU

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This is a photo of me naked with 10 topless waiters in a spa...

Have to say some of the shots in this thread are amazing.... i really need to learn how to take some night shots.

Darb you're a stand out with the camera mate!