Post your night pics

Karl Fehlauer

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When things don't go to plan :oops:
I was on Dirk Hartog Island recently and wanted to get a shot of my Campertrailer at with the Milky Way - unfortunately due to the weather things didn't go to plan. The night was clear until I was set up and then the clouds rolled in and stayed for the rest of the night and this was the best I could get.
2018-06-06 4WD - 048-Edit.jpg


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You know I'd never heard of it called that until a couple of months ago.
I`d heard about it years ago but never knew were it was until I did a bit of research on Indigenous starlore a few years ago. Puts a whole new view on the night sky. There is a rock carving in Kuring-Gai Chase National Park depicting it & I have seen references to it in other places.
Interesting write up on it -


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One from a local festival over the weekend. A little fuzzy due to the light rain that was falling at the time & some fog on the lens as it was only about 2 degrees up on the hill where I took them.

5 Sec exposure @f5.6 & 400 ISO


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Found a program to stitch pics together. This one is 8 vertical images giving a 180 degree view. Took the pics on Wednesday night when the Moon was about a 1/4. Going to have another go tonight to see if I can get the whole Milky Way in.
The program is Microsoft ICE (free) if anyone is interested. Very easy to use & would be handy for any type of pano.
8 x 30 sec exposures @ f3.5 & 3200 ISO.