Post your night pics


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sorry dunno what happended it would nt upload.

up now hosting through flickr

just bought a remote trigger looking forward to using it over xmass !


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Looks good.
As I see what appears to be a shadow under the ute, wondering what light source you use ?


Some great pics up there!!

Here are a couple of my favourite night shots from a trip earlier this year through the big desert and border track.
Group shot was taken on a tripod 0.8sec exp time, ISO3200, FL 33mm.
Buster shot was taken with 0.6sec exp time, iso3200, FL 18mm
Camera is a Canon 600D.



those shots are wicked, somethign about the camp fire and moonlight on the creek is just as aussie as it gets


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Camping down around Bremer Bay, was in a part of caravan park where was not a soul around, really quite spooky at night. Had foxes coming into tent at night for food (and also our crying toddler) ... was bloody game. Would hear rabbits being maulled at night, owls in trees observing you, kangaroo's hanging around ... was great.



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Makes me want to go csmping ! Instead of being laid up with whole household flu ridden

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