Portable power station...

Michal Duzynski

New Member
Hi All
Mike here
I have few questions regarding powering you camping fridge.
I have CFX3 75L and thinking of using Companion Rover 70AH Lithium.
Will that unit be enough to power 75L fridge using 200W solar blanket, or is there something else on the market you would recommend instead?

Also, let me know if I think correctly?

Unit (Companion Rover) in the car, plugged to 12V socket on the back and into the fridge.
Unit is charging while driving, but once it reaches 100% it cuts the input and still charges the fridge.
Once out, I connect a solar blanket without any special MPPT controller as the unit has one built-in already- so kind of plug and play.
I'm asking what might seem a dumb question, but someone told me that thus unit won't work as I described it above.
If you have this power unit could please share your experience?