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Pommies get lost! The 'Antipodez Nutz' trip Sydney to Adelaide and back again.

Discussion in 'Trips' started by Jackington, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Jackington

    Jackington Member

    My good mate is over from the UK visiting us in the lovely warm summer so I figured we should get out and see some of the country, and as I hate tourists what better way than blasting through the country in a 4by and getting dirty in the dirt where possible. We bought a 2002 Pathfinder that is mostly stock with Old Man Emu shocks, stainless exhaust and Scorpion ATR tires. Last weekend we took a 2 day trip from Sydney out to the Blue Mountains to test out the off-road capabilities of the new (to us) truck and take a look at the Glow Worm Tunnels and get our camping gear prepared.

    We are now preparing our proper trip starting at home base in Sydney and taking the paved roads up to Dubbo. The next leg takes us from Dubbo across the state to Broken Hill via Lake Menindee. After Broken Hill we will do a short drive over to Silverton to see where Mad Max was filmed and have a looky about. Then its down to Adelaide and on to Coorong, Mount Gambier and the Twelve Apostles. Then we will be onto Geelong, Melbourne and Emerald where I have family. After a visit we will be hopefully joining Slartibarfast on his 10 day High Country trip before back to the coast and taking the highway back up to Sydney and a nice proper bed. Here's the preliminary map that makes it a bit easier on the brain [​IMG]
    The bottom left with the green marker is a possible exit from the High Country trip in case we can't make some of the rougher trails.

    Would love to hear any ideas about places to visit or things to see/do on the way as well as any recommendations for spots to camp. Most of the journey will be on paved road just to chew through the miles but any off-road tracks will be great to check out along the way.

  2. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    Looks good, but if you can stretch it out a bit more, maybe head from Dubbo up to Bourke and follow the Darling River to Menindee. There is some ace camping along the river but at this time of the year I'd expect it to be mother flipping hot along that whole route. Take plenty of water with you.
  3. Jackington

    Jackington Member

    I would rather get the Dubbo-Broken Hill stint done as fast and easy as possible considering the heat this time of year. We have a 30l water jug and will fill an esky with water bottles as well, how much water would you recommend?
  4. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    The section between the red dots of Adelaide and mt Gambier that juts inland a tad, you'd be better off going via the coast road and checking out Robe and Beachport, 2 beautiful coastal towns and inbetween the 2 some of the best driving in the state thru little dip cons park and all down before beachport.
    Dune tracks and beach driving like no other in the state.

    We'll have a group down there on the Aust day long weekend , could maybe take ya's thru it all if it fits into your itinerary.
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  5. Jackington

    Jackington Member

    Sounds good to me, have made the changes to include Robe and Beachport. Unfortunately our plan is to be in High Country on the 27th to join Slarti for his trip so I think that would be cutting it very close.
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  6. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Not 100% sure but slarti could be doing this run before heading to the hc.
  7. Jackington

    Jackington Member

    I want to get across to Emerald to visit my brother before we head up to the HC but could we do the weekend before Australia day and then shoot across to Melbourne after the weekend.
  8. Oijcu1ariy

    Oijcu1ariy New Member

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