Political correctness just going crazy.


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Found this on an internet news page...

These are the clowns we should be testing new drugs and vaccines on..

muffin man

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Yeh that's been doing the rounds in the US for awhile now. The leftist democrats and their big media mates will back these nutjobs and their ideologies.


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Its a sickness. Can see it throughout history to if you look in the middle ages they had a mad dancing craze that took on. Its a form of collective psychosis which social media has made far worse.


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The French and Spanish languages are stuffed if this goes much further. Most nouns in both languages are designated either male or female. Take ferme la bouche, or close your mouth in French. The word, "la" in French means the, or your in this context, and refers to a feminine gender noun, in this case, mouth. The masculine form is "le", for example, le crayon, meaning the pencil. Pencils are male don't you know? But if a noun is neutral, supposedly not male or female, then it takes the male designation, "le". Now that's just sex discrimination against all females everywhere and we should boycott all French and Spanish products. We could also boycott them because their language is stupid and makes no sense as well. Should we report these languages to the university? :)


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I am fair dinkum offended.
As a bloke, sorry, son, brother, father, grand father, I now watch a lot of Telly.
I usually eat in front of the telly and many times when feeding, I end up feeding my chest.
That's what my missus reckons, is Chest feeding.
So no bloody so and so is gunna take my chest feeding and use it for something else.:mad:.

Rusty Panels

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I don’t pay any attention to all that garbage ..... I think all this bs is going to back fire one day .
You can't say "back" either it may be the front, left side or right side the correct term is "I think this BS may fire from an unknown direction one day." (Get it right please Bomber!!).


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Does a bra now become a chesty?
Now I have to say "did you see the chests on that". If I can use the word "that".
Somehow it doesn't have the same ring to it.


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This sort of crap makes me want to puke.

Just think, these so call educational institution`s are teaching the people who will be running the country in the future.

I think we don`t want to belong to the majority anymore, as far as these morons are concerned we don`t even exist.

Why dose anyone take notice of these loud mouthed parasites.