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Just set up the polaris and it seems to work great with Oziexplorer. Now all I need is maps to put into the sd card. Is it best just to purchase these maps or do I just borrow them and rip a copy for myself?

Any help apreciated. :)

Cheers Croozer :D


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i picked up a few dvd's of ebay they arived in about 4 days and work ok
once i got them i found that i could swap down loads with other dvd map users over time
ps i think i sheld out about $40-50


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eeek! dont use ebay unless you are buying a genuine branded product - like GSA Raster or something. Those dvd's you shelled out $50 for probably are free map sets you could have downloaded!

What maps are you looking for Croozer - depending on where you are we can direct you to what you need - GeoScience is a good place to start with maps of all australia, but only at 250k.


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Just looking for the starter topic maps for Australia. I have just instaled the Oziexplorer software and it all works fine on the Polaris, so now Im playing with it, I wanna get it up and going for the Mrs car for Otooles.


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Its all cool 4x4 My china man down in Braeisde gave me all the maps. Just need a few pointers on Oziexplorer now and that will be at Otooles.

Really looking forward to it. Need a break from work badly.

Cheers Bruce


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Dont know how to speak chinese come see me

if you guys need any mapson OZie explorer i have the lot toppos rasters CFA tracks not availiable general public Nassa updates 3d comsats and heaps more including interfacing Garmin with Ozi and Car PC systems and the list goes on or PORARES gear i am the man vist my site and i will look after you or PMM me

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