PLEASE HELP!! Hyundai Terracan problem.


My wife has a 2004 Hyundai Terracan Highlander, it is a 3.6L V6 and auto. We are having issues with it, and cant seem to pin point the problem. We think it is either the Auto or the Transfer case. Hoping someone on here can help.

When you drive it, the gears change nice, but when in false 4th, and go to go up a hill, the change seems to go from 4th to 3rd constantly until you kick it down, then all is ok, also, when you slow down we get what is similiar to a slight shudder until you stop. When the auto is hot, and at slow speeds when you go to turn left or right, we get a savage clunking like something is trying to turn but is resisting. On the move, the car drives and changes nice, so VERY confused as what it could be.

I thought it was auto, but some research states it could be transfer case, makes a bit of sense as low range does not work on it.

If anyone can help, or point us towards a GOOD auto place near the Ipswich (QLD) area, would be very grateful..... I am selling my GQ Patrol to help pay for repairs.


Oh definitely, I am over the damn Patrol. Good on road, next to useless in the scrub:mad::mad::mad:. I should not have sold my 60 series.......

I would much prefer to keep the Terracan and get a Diesel ute.


Yes Centaur cant beat a good toyota Ha! long time no see, you must have been busy, do you know of a little lady who has a birthday in November sometime He He Hee!