Pleas help make it a happy christmas..


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Elfrink, will celebrate his last Christmas on earth
this year. He is 7 and dying of brain cancer. When asked what he wanted from santa, he said he
would like Christmas cards from people from all over the world. He
received 40 yesterday. Please take the time to send this special little
man a Christmas card. ...Elfrink 2415 Taylor Blair Rd, West
Jefferson, Oh 43162.USA.. One of my Hunting Buddys from the US ask me to help, I hope everyone of you will try if you can to send him a card. Thank you, Merry Christmas

Sorry to say i got told to late and they don't want any more cards as he is not doing to well..
So if someone wants to you can del this post..I don't know how..
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Sambartom I think maybe we will leave it there to remind us all just how fragile life can be and to remind us all to think of others less fortunate than ourselves. Hope you don't mind.